Welcome to Frontier Sports

Dermot Rigley and Chris Best Directors, consultants and company founders at Frontier Sports and Frontier Sports Tech

A Note from our CEO

Welcome to the Frontier Sports Group.

We have worked tirelessly to bring this business to life in recent months, but in reality it is over 20 years in the making.

A lifetime working in sports broadcast, sponsorship and sports administration has given me an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that are placed in front of the people who run sport around the world.

We have seen technology revolutionise any number of industries (and daily tasks), it has been a challenge for the sports sector to onboard new technologies due to limited resources and expertise in some cases, and caution about the impact of change on large audiences and big match crowds in others.

Frontier Sports Technology is aiming to help sports organisations benefit from the right technology, at the right time, and with the right guidance and input.

We have been working relentlessly with superb tech innovators to help bring the right products to the market for those of you responsible for bringing elite sport to the world.

STADIUM SHIELD might be the answer to getting fans back into your stadiums and arenas.

SPORTS BUNKER is a data-driven content management system that helps you manage and monetise your content better.

SPORTS HUB is an always-on trading platform for sports media rights.

Our partnership with leading tech innovators, Altada, Oshi Software and Overcast HQ have made these solutions possible.

These products are just the start. Follow Frontier Sports Tech on our social channels, check back in to the FURTHER blog for news and insight, or get in touch with me directly if you want to discuss the technology opportunity for your sports business.

Dermot Rigley
CEO and Founder

P.S. Keep an eye on our social channels for news of the upcoming launch of the Frontier Sports Management business. We’re very proud to have partnered with some of Ireland’s top rugby talent and are looking forward to bringing a new, progressive form of athlete management to the market.