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Sports Hub Data Management and Rights

An ‘always-on’ trading platform for sports media rights

An ‘always-on’ trading platform for sports media rights. SPORTS HUB is an end-to-end digital solution to manage the media rights tender and bidding process.

Insights driven at its core, with a fully transparent platform allowing rights holders to drive revenue and promote rights packages via an ‘always on’ access-controlled marketplace.

Developed specifically for sport rights holders & federations, the technology is designed to help sports organisations maximise the return on their media rights

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A better way to manage and monetise your content

As a sports organisation, your content is your most valuable asset.

SPORTS BUNKER is a one-stop solution for content performance data, a 24/7 e-commerce platform, a marketing engine, and a centralised content management system.

Match footage, digital content, official photography & graphic packages – store, manage and easily access all in one place.  Then distribute those assets more effectively and efficiently to your staff, coaches & players, analysts, medical & judicial, media partners, sponsors and all marketing platforms.


Sports Tech Audit Frontier Sports Technology

Your digital transformation starting point

Built by an unparalleled team of ex-sports rights holders and tech specialists from both hemispheres, SPORTS TECH AUDIT is the starting point for the digital transformation of your sports organisation.

With consultancy solutions across the UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA and Australian, we have experts who can audit and advise on the best technology solutions to grow your sport, club, league or brand.