Our Services

We work behind the scenes to help rugby players achieve their goals on and off the pitch.
We create the environment for that success for all of our players.


We fully recognize the importance that should be placed on a player’s contract, priority no.1 for you and us.

We will use our established rugby network to gain the relevant data points to inform a player’s value.

We tailor our approach to each player and ensure that every desirable playing option is on the table for our athletes.

Our goal will always be to ensure our athlete obtains the contract they deserve.

Profile Growth

The world of sport and sports media is changing and we are embracing that change.

We place a strong importance on growing the profile of our players through traditional media exposure, and digital channels.

We work with influencers across the sporting and non-sporting world in order mentor and generate the maximum cut through for our players.

Our goal is to grow and sustain a player’s profile so that they become a more commercially viable partner for brands and have a sustainable platform to build on into the future.


All our players get commercial endorsements.

This is what we do and where our significant experience from conducting commercial deals in sport comes into play – deals across partnerships, appearances and media.

We use our expertise to secure the best commercial endorsements possible for all of our players.

The goal here is to connect our athletes with the right type of brands to ensure that it’s a truly mutually beneficial partnership between brand and


Athletes make huge sacrifices and give everything to succeed in their sporting careers.

We want to ensure that we are laying the foundations now to secure our athletes professional futures, beyond their playing careers.

Using our network in business and sport we connect our athletes
with decision-makers in their desired career path sector.

Therefore, when the time comes for our athlete to transition to a career after rugby, they will be ready!